Cycle Boat Tour in Buffalo

Drink, Pedal & Enjoy the Water

We are no longer accepting bookings for the 2017 season. Weekends sold out, remaining days are being left for potential weather related rebookings. We look forward to seeing next year when we dock in the Buffalo River-few weather related concerns there. thanks!

Come experience all the beauty of Buffalo, NY, with a Canalside cycle boat tour with Buffalo Pedal Tours. You and your friends will cycle on our pontoon boat! Yes, just as you have pedaled on our beer bikes. Our boat boat is 25% larger then any other boat of it’s kind!  You will be impressed! The 90 minute tours start at the Templeton Landing Restaurant. Relax and enjoy some refreshing drinks and delicious food on their huge patio. 

We will cycle past the outer harbor and take in all its beauty and history. The speed the cycle boat travels is the perfect speed to take photos and see everything that is changing the image of our city. If you like, you may bring your own beer, wine and finger food to snack on. 

Your safety is our number one concern. Trips going out will depend on weather conditions. The United States Coast Guard sets the guidelines for where and what weather conditions the boat can operate.  Wind is the number one concern as it creates waves. If the wave are higher than one foot we can not do a tour. Your trip will be rescheduled. The could be a possibility of switching to a land trip that day, if a bike is available. WE DO NOT issue refunds for trips that can not take place due bad weather.

The boat does NOT make any bar stops. Canalside does not permit us to dock there.

You can bring up to three 12 oz cans of beer or three 6 oz bottles of wine per adult. (NO Liquor, NO Glass). All beverages you drink are kept in you until we return to shore. NO TOILET on the boat.  Play your own music from your phone to our high-quality guitar amp style speakers. We are your tour guide and designated driver (DD). You will get to enjoy some awesome views from our cycle boat cruise. 

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You don’t need a special occasion to come out on a cycle boat tour to enjoy all Buffalo has to offer.

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