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Enjoy a side of the city never seen before or visit your old favorites with fantastic style. Load your music, bring friends, and get for a fun-filled evening or afternoon across your preferred local attractions, amazing architectural and historical gems, delicious restaurants, pubs and more.


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Buffalo Pedal Tours wants to share what’s unique about our experiences and everything amazing about our public or private tours. This blog will allow you to see what places to visit around the city while on the beer bike, the shared stories from our customers and give you ideas for your own tour.



The Buffalo Pedal Tour beer bike is available for a wide variety of parties and occasions, whether you are visiting with friends or celebrating a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary or something else. Check out some people who have already enjoyed it.

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Experience Buffalo as You Never Have Before

Enjoy an entertaining waterfront experience with Buffalo Pedal Tours. Invite your friends, acquaintances, or colleagues out on our interactive cycle boat tours that have been showcasing the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY, since 2014 with additional locations added in Rochester and Syracuse. Our pedal party bike boat is fun, eco-friendly, and perfect for celebrating any occasion, or just a relaxing night out. Buffalo Pedal Tours is only the second company in the world that has succeeded in creating a pedal pontoon boat that meets the ridged standards of the United States Office of Maritime Safety in Washington DC. Our boat is the largest and most powerful boat in it’s class. Few disagree that our custom pedal pontoon boat is one real cool boat!

Forget traffic lights and pavement. Buffalo Pedal Tours features cycle boat tours that are powered entirely by pedal operation. You and a group of eight or more provide the pedaling while we guide you along the waterfront. We can stop for drinks or visit some of the area’s most special locations. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll help you design a fabulous time on the water.

Cycle Boat Experience at Buffalo Pedal ToursBike tours start from two locations, downtown and canalside. Yes you can drink on our bikes, BYOB. You select the three bars we stop at. You select the music we listen to. Our goal has always been to have you leave us with a smile your face, as you can see from the pictures in our photo galleries we always achieve that goal.

Pedal Tours

Buffalo Pedal Tours features a pedal pontoon boat that meets the rigorous safety standards of the U.S. Coast Guard. Safety does not impede fun, however, as you take a pedal boat for a pub crawl or book a special event on our pedal party bike boat. We regularly host corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and much more.

Cycle Boats & Beer Boat Tours

Buffalo boasts a myriad of pubs and taverns that beckon to our pedaling guests. That said, our pedal pontoon boats are perfect backdrops for parties. Bring beer and snacks aboard and pedal at your leisure. Sometimes it’s not where you’re going that’s most fun; it’s how you get there! Organize your special pedal boat tours and let us show you a side of Buffalo you’ve never seen but are sure to enjoy.




Enjoy Buffalo’s finest breweries in unique fashion. Start at one of the Buffalo's favorite breweries, Pearl Street Grill, from there we can head to the super cool Lafayette Brewery. If you like we can also stop at the popular Big Ditch Brewery. Whatever beer you fancy, downtown Buffalo provides the best selection of craft breweries and bars in the region to quench your thirst.

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Become Buffalo smart. Our guides will tell fascinating stories of rich and not so rich people that lived here over a hundred years ago. You will learn names of the architects, land barons, old Buffalo businesses and about many other cool things. Buildings include old City Hall, the city hall, the Electric Tower, Statler Hotel and Hotel Lafayette. See over 21 important buildings and even Buffalo oldest tree! We guarantee you will learn and enjoy every minute on our tour.

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Team Building Tours

This tour allows you and your employees to take part in a group activity they will always remember with a smile on their face. It will definitely give everyone a chance to help as a team member in a relaxed setting. Every major corporation uses Buffalo Pedal Tour bikes and the our new pedal boat. Plan your team building event today!

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