See, Touch and Smell the World Class Art and Architecture in Buffalo, New York with Our Art and Architectural Tours

Learning about art and architecture does not get any cooler! Picture this. You and your guest are sipping on wine and eating a delicious treat while you slowly pedal pass over 20 important examples of late 19th and 20th century architecture on our custom made pedal bike.

We have created a tour that will turn you and your friends into architecture and Buffalo history geeks by using humor and historical facts. During the tour you will learn about the formation of Buffalo, the history behind its famous landmarks and the legacy that made Buffalo what it is today. Residents of the city who may have driven by a building everyday will get to learn about them. Even seasoned Buffalo history buff’s will learn interesting information that we they can add to their knowledge base.

See the formidable McKinley Monument and Buffalo City Hall, The Guaranty Building, Saint Louis Church, the Market Arcade and many other buildings from distinguished eras in architectural history and from the great minds of creative geniuses. The bike travels at the perfect speed for riders to take photos and we will go inside some of these buildings to learn more & explore.

Book a seat for only $39.99. A minimum of 10 seats must be booked for a tour. Do you prefer a private trip? Hold that special date and time with a $199 deposit. Book the Architectural Gems Tour with your friends and family and learn about the magnificent buildings and history of Buffalo. Bring as large or small a group as you like. It’s also a perfect corporate outing for times when you can not go to bars. With these tours we make one stop, a bit of a halftime break at a coffee shop or pub. Please reach out to us if you have any other questions.