Can’t decide how to celebrate?

We can make the day special by cruising down the streets or the river. On all experiences you bring your own drinks and snacks.

On the water we have two boats. We call the small barge boat the party boat. It can take out groups up to 18. It has a super sound system and room for dancing. It has a restroom with a flush toilet and sink. It also has a bar on board that seats 12. 

The saloon boat can take out groups as large as 46. It can be one big group or a combination smaller bachelor and bachelorette parties. You bring your own favorite canned drinks to enjoy. Besides karaoke we have other surprise fun activities. We take tons of pictures too. No pedaling takes places on the boats. It’s offers karaoke and dancing. The boats has as a restroom with flush toilet too. Lock in that date with a 50% deposit.

On land each beer bike can take up to 14 people. It’s a pedal tavern with you as the bartender. You bring your own favorite canned drinks to enjoy. We can take our groups up to 56 using four bikes. Our party bikes create a perfect combination of exercise with drinking. Pedal your calories away to the next bar! It will be an epic bachelorette party! For couples, you can rent multiple beer bikes and create a Jack and Jill party! The guys on one bike and the girls on the other doing separate routes but end at the same location. Lock in that date with a 50% deposit. 

Be the first of your friends to break from the boring old take a limo to the bar routine by letting us take you all over our amazing city on the boat or bikes. With our tours you will be able to pick the route around Canalside, play your own music, bring your own beer, spiked seltzer and snacks.

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Only 19 other cities in the country have these types of bikes or boats so for your out of town guests it is a rare occasion to get to go out on one. The experience they will have touring Buffalo will make them happy they came to town. Nothing makes us happier than showing off our beautiful city to out of town guests.

Hold that special date and time with a 50% down deposit. We strongly recommend booking as soon as possible, especially is you want to book multiple bikes or boats at the same time.