On land or on water we take groups as small as six or as large 86 out to enjoy the town that has made them smile since 2014. It’s exercise, its drinking and it makes for an epic bachelor/bachelorette party! Experience Buffalo as you never have before with Buffalo Pedal Tours.  Be the first of your friends to break from the boring old take a limo to the bar routine by letting us take you all over our amazing city. With our tours you will be able to pick the route around downtown, play your own music, bring your own beer, wine, food, snacks, appetizers, candy. You can decorate the bike or boat for the occasion too! Guys, we offer bachelor packages as well (you can smoke cigars on the bike) For couples we have multiple bikes so we can offer a Jack and Jill party with the guys on one bike and the girls on the other doing separate routes but end at the same location, so you can go out together after!

Spending time with your girls on your night is a rite of passage and by doing your tour on our bike you will have an unforgettable and memorable night.  We have done tons of bachelor and bachelorette parties on our bikes this past summer and we are sure to do more this upcoming year so we recommend you book sooner rather than later so you can reserve the night you want.

Read our Pro Tips Blog To Find Out How To Ensure A Perfect Tour

On the topic of weddings we want to take a second to tell you about our awesome tours to show off Buffalo to your out of town guests when they come in town for the big day. Only 19 other cities in the country have these types of bikes so for your out of town guests it is a rare occasion to get to go out on one. The experience they will have touring Buffalo will make them happy they came to town. Nothing makes us happier than showing off our beautiful city to out of town guests.

We are now accepting 2019 reservations for all 6 bikes. We strongly recommend booking as soon as possible, especially is you want to book multiple bikes at the same time.