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A review by a recent boat customer

My Saloon Boat Experience by Christine Hulton

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It was my best friends 33rd birthday in August and we wanted to celebrate it doing something unique and different this year. So we grabbed 12 of our closest friends and booked the Buffalo Pedal Tour Saloon Tour Boat for a sun set cruise! The process was very easy and it was affordably priced! We were greeted by very nice staff and we were excited to party on the new boat! We brought our own beers, and seltzers and they even had coolers and solo cups we could use! Using the aux cord, we played our favorite music using the playlists from our phone! Played some flip cup and danced the night away! The boat went by such beautiful historical buffalo landmarks! We ended the night with such a beautiful sunset! We loved this experience and I fully recommend booking this boat whether it be your next birthday, bachelorette, work outing, or girls night out!!

AKA: Captain Jack

More about the Boat:

The Saloon Boat hosts special tours such as Magic, Music and Booze, Disco Nights, Mimosa Sundays, Boozie Bingo and Taco Tuesday. Both boats would be idea for bachelor / bachelorette parties, weddings, family reunions and corporate meetings.

The Saloon Boat has a flush toilet with a sink and mirror. It has a sink and bar in the front as well. It also has four six person booths that have windows.

Bachelorette Party Song Playlist

Spend less time choosing the playlist and more time celebrating! Your bachelorette party should include high-energy top hits along with classics that everyone will sing along to. Here are the ultimate bachelorette party songs for an unforgettable night out!

Buffalo Pedal Tours:


  • “Wannabe,” Spice Girls
  • “We Are Family,” Sister Sledge
  • “Spice Up Your Life,” Spice Girls
  • “Run the World (Girls),” Beyoncé
  • “Jumpin’, Jumpin’,” Destiny’s Child
  • “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” Shania Twain
  • “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On it),” Beyoncé
  • “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Cyndi Lauper
  • “Just Dance,” Lady Gaga
  • “Lady Marmalade,” Christina Aguilera
  • “This Kiss”, Faith Hill
  • “Here for the party”, Gretchen Wilson
  • “Country Girl” (Shake it for me), Luke Bryan
  • “No Scrubs,” TLC
  • “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo
  • “Push It,” Salt-N-Pepa
  • “Dancing Queen,” ABBA
  • “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift
  • “Get the Party Started,” P!nk
  • “Hollaback Girl,” Gwen Stefani
  • “Umbrella,” Rihanna and Jay Z
  • “I Gotta Feeling,” Black Eyed Peas
  • “Crazy in Love,” Beyoncé and Jay Z
  • “Genie in a Bottle,” Christina Aguilera
  • “I Love It,” Icona Pop and Charli XCX

Pro Tips- Crash Course For A Great Trip

It is the organizer’s responsible to make sure their guests know the limits for consumption on the bike. We count your drinks before you get to the bike. If the number is over two cans per person you will be total to store it in your car, or in the bushes.  We strongly recommend drinking out of a can or the plastic wine bottle. Drinks in cups spill easily when we hit a bump. Sweet smells attract bees. The alcohol policy is that you can bring two 12 ounce cans of beer or two 6 ounce plastic bottles of white wine (red wine stains) on the bike to drink while you are pedaling. Your local liquor store has the bottles close to the check out. No glass, liquor, jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles. Ciders, Bud Light, a Rita’s, Spiked Seltzers and other items sold at your grocery store are allowed to be brought.  We have to respect the open container laws in the city. Beer on the bike stays on the bike, beer in the bar stays in the bar.  Your guide will be checking your cooler/backpacks to see that the number of bottles matched the number of adult riders. Any beverages above the limit will be stored in the “BEER JAIL” until your trip ends. Growlers and boxed wine are not allowed.

  Size does matter, due to spacing constraints on the floor of the bike bring one cooler. On the hot days don’t forget the water, because better tastes better when pedaling and drinking, nothing will taste better then some cold Buffalo water. When we leave your last bar to head back we will have everyone dispose of any unfinished drinks and food, kinda like when your plane is getting ready to land.

Some people bring snacks for your group to munch on. A bag of chips or pretzels is enough. Do not bring a lot. Most the the food brought on goes untouched. Bring foods you can eat with one hand as you hold always hold on to the bar for your safety.



Spotify Is The Number One Choice To Play When Riding On The Pedal Tour

Biggest tip is to let your DJ know they were picked BEFORE the day of the trip. All too often they are surprised they were selected are super stressed out. Make it easier and just pick your favorite play list from your Spotify account.

On a pedal tour, our groups listen to music as they cruise around the city. Your group selects their DJ and play the music using their phone. You select the music to make your experience unique. You set the music for the occasion. All of our bikes and boats have great speaker systems which can hook up to your cell phone using Bluetooth.

Here are the most played sounds on our pedal tours:

  1. Queen-Bicycle Race
  2. The Bill’s Shout Song.
  3. American Kids, Kenny Chesney
  4. Queen, Bohemian Rapsody. A great sing along song. It gets everyone jamming
  5. AC DC, Thunder
  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – idk what to add they are just awesome
  7. Bike Riding Spotify- someone has to try and be funny
  8. Ja Rule watch as everyone sings along to all the classics
  9. Easton Corbin plays the best all around country
  10. Abba- gets all the girls dancing
  11. Jimmy Buffet -parrot heads love it!
  12. Macklemore – Especially, during our St. Paddy Day parades. We Danced is such an underrated song.
  13. Neil Diamond, Sweetie Caroline.

Where to Find a Cash Machine In Downtown Buffalo

Cash is the quickest what to get drinking in a bar. Waiting to swipe a care takes time, which you don’t have much of on a party bike tour. It gives you the money to reward your guide for super service too.

Here is the spots that have cash machines:

  • The Canalside Courtyard Marriott, lobby
  • Parking lot on Seneca and Pearl Street.
  • Templeton Landing, lobby
  • Labatt Tap Room, lobby

A Bachelorette Party Even Opinionated Bridesmaids Will Enjoy

You’re halfway through your first mimosa at brunch with your newly engaged best friend. She is grinning ear to ear then finally drops the question you’ve been secretly anticipating since you made plans last week. “Will you be my maid of honor?” Once the tears, squeals of excitement and ideas for DIY centerpieces begin to subside, you’re hit with the realization that you are solely responsible for the most important part of the pre-wedding events: the bachelorette party.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room, planning a night with girls you aren’t all that close with is next to impossible. Sharon doesn’t drink, Becky is afraid of clubs, the Bride’s third cousin (what was her name again?)is super conservative and Karen is a total control freak. Never to fear, Buffalo Pedal Tours is here with bachelorette party ideas even Karen will approve of.

5 Tips for Planning a Fun & Epic Bachelorette Party

1. This Is About The BRIDE. Make Her A Queen

I promise your day will come, but this isn’t it. It’s about the BRIDE, so make it known! Dress her up with ribbons, a flashy veil and glamorous bride-to-be sash. What else do queens love? Being served & pampered. Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed of attending exclusive parties like those fancy women in Sex and the City. Places like Hartman’s Distillery have all bells and whistles to make your bachelorette party feel like movie stars. What’s better than lounging under the stars sipping champagne you don’t even need to stand up for? If that doesn’t interest you, I’m sure their mouthwatering burger selection and late night menu will draw you in after a few hard seltzers. Skip standing in line, reserve in advance! You know you won’t break in those summer sandals before the party. Your feet will thank you! Make the night unforgettable! Try bottle service at Soho.

2. ‘What’s The Occasion?’ – Nobody Within A 10mi Radius Should Be Questioning What You Are Celebrating; You’ll Need Banners & Awesome Matching T-shirts

To make finding props for the big party I made it easy search Pinterest and  Esty for ideas and sources.

I can almost guarantee your lady of the hour has been waiting for this day since she was 5 wearing toilet paper on her head as a veil, so make sure everyone knows this lovely lady has finally met her prince charming. How? Pedal bikes/boats are cool, but they look even cooler decorated with a huge custom banner that screams ‘bachelorette party.’ These are super easy to order online, however somehow the dimensions are always different in real life than what is advertised on the website. So if you’re not willing to take that risk, there are several custom banner shops around Buffalo that will be more than happy to help you out! Don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out what to wear? You’re in luck! Places like this also usually offer custom t-shirt options. Plus, you’re never too old to wear matching outfits with your friends.

3. Everything.…. Tastefully

You’ve spent hours on Instagram looking at pictures of other people’s SO CUTE night out, well now it’s their turn to be jealous of your handy work. First of all, chose a theme and stick to it. Luaus and 20s themed are great ideas, but not together. Decorate your bike or boat with mood lights and colors that compliment your theme for those insta worthy pics you always wish you were better at taking. Don’t stop there! If your evening is continuing past the conclusion of the tour, make sure whatever you’re doing after looks just as amazing! Pinterest, dollar general and 5 below will be your weapons of choice for this one.

4. Accessorize Your Party with Games & Props.

Ever do a scavenger hunt as a kid? Turns out they are just as fun (if not more) as adults! It’s always fun to break up the night by talking to strangers and getting them to take ridiculous pictures with you. If you don’t have time to think up an epic hunt, you’re in luck! Lots of party stores, dollar stores and even Amazon sell card packs with different challenges/ hunts you and your friends can enjoy. In addition to games, props like scandalous shaped straws (use your imagination here), funny mustaches, hats and things that glow in the dark are easy add ins that add an extra something to your already awesome night.

5. The Most Important Tip: DON’T DRINK & DRIVE!

It is 2023 and we have the world at our finger tips, and that includes access to rides that are ready faster than you can find your keys. This night is about your bride to be and should not be remembered as the day you tried to drive home after the bar!

What are the best bars in Buffalo New York?

Where can we find the best Craft Breweries in Buffalo New York?

The Canalside district is the must see area in Buffalo. Shall I say touristy?  It has the highest concentration of craft breweries as well. This year it will have eight craft breweries!

Canalside trips include the sports themed Southern Tier Brewery. It has multiple screens, including the largest screen to watch games in western New York. Beside great craft beers they carry spirts from their sister company Southern Tier Distillery. The food is really tasty too. Another spot is Papi Grandi, Buffalo’s Mexican themed beach bar. It has a great view of the river and super tacos too!

The tours also stop at the Erie Basin Marina and some pretty cool murals.  The area does get super crowded when concerts take place and security concerns sometime close streets.

The most important question is what would excite your group the most? Are your guests new to downtown. Are there places they go to too often that you want to pass for this experience? So the answer is there is no right or wrong answer.

We invite you to try them both then try one of our pedalboats that runs out the Erie Basin Marina-no better place to see the sunset on land.

Buffalo Pedal Tours Covid 19 Policy

Corona Virus Social Distancing Policy For Buffalo Pedal Tours

Buffalo Pedal Tours is a responsible part of the community and is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers. The health of our guests and staff is our number one concern. We will be following the recommendations provided by the Center For Disease Control(CDC) and the New York State Department of Health.

We will only complete private trips, groups of friends, family or business associates. Masks are not required by guests.

How to Enjoy Buffalo in the Winter 2022. Check Out These Events And Activity Ideas

Winter is here in Buffalo though other than the cold temperatures, the snow has been sporadic, to say the least.

Life still goes on with or without the snow and with the lack of snow doesn’t mean you can’t go down and enjoy the winter activities and events that the many great organizations in Buffalo have to offer you.

As one of the greatest winter cities in America, our city offers, theatre, outdoor ice skating downtown and at canalside, craft beer, tons of hockey games, winter festivals and more for you to enjoy!

Here are just a few of the important or new events and activities that you can check out in 2022:

  • Queen City Roller GirlsSince 2015 RiverWorks has hosted women’s roller derby. Our team has proven to be a fun and unique event for all family members to see.
  • The Buffalo Auto Show – A staple event at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, the auto show is just another reason to head downtown Feb 6th – 9th and see what new vehicles the car companies will be featuring or rolling out for 2020.
  • The World’s Largest Disco – This Buffalo tradition started in 1994. This year it will be held on Nov 30th. It has become the must go to event for expats coming back home at Thanks Giving. Buy your tickets here for this over 21 event soon as it always sells out.
  • Ice Hockey–The is no shortage of exciting ice hockey downtown. From the the NHL Buffalo Sabres at the Key Bank Center to the Canisius College Golden Griffs at Harbor Center Hockey.  There is a real good chance that find pee wees playing playing knee hockey the halls of your hotel!
  • Pizza Pods At Pizza Plant – Since 2015 the downtown location in the Courtyard Marriott has offer their unique and delicious pizza pods and huge selection of craft beers. They were the first company to bring craft beer metro Buffalo.
  • Canalside – What is Canalside? It is part of the Buffalo waterfront where ships docked from the begining of the Erie canal in 1825 to the mid 20th century. It no longer is a ruff and dirty place but a spot popular with folks of all ages. Check out on our brand new children’s museum called Explore and More. Canalside is a four seasons destination.

Lost downtown? Need to know a great place to eat? Just ask a Buffalo Pedal Tours guide for help. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides are ready to help you plan your next fun activity downtown.

With bachelorette parties, pub crawls, and architecture tours, we have you covered will all types of party bike fun to delight anyone when spending a day in Buffalo.

Contact Buffalo Pedal Tours today and book a tour for your party!

Communication ensures a better pedal tour experience

How to create a smooth pedal tour experience

You may think it’s all set once you get your receipt that you paid for the trip. Well, it’s not. Very often assumptions lead to expectations not being met. Sometime folks are not aware the location was changed, other times guests come with MP3 player that can not be connected to our sound system because the cord is not compatible. Other times  a guest brings glass.

Your guide will text you a week before your trip. Please call them back that day. The guide has the knowledge and experience that will relieve you of planning stress. They real care.  Then remember to make sure you SHARE what you learned to everyone coming.