Cycle Boat - Pedal Boat Tour in Buffalo

Drink, Pedal & Enjoy the Water

Enjoy the water with you and your friends on our custom made boat.I designed this boat myself with style and safety in mind, to exceed Coast Guard standard. The boat holds up to 18 folks, making it the largest boat of it’s kind it the world.  Any similar boat looks frail.

The 90 minute tours start at Buffalo River Works. The cost for a VIP private tour on the weekends is $495.00 for 15 adults. Relax and enjoy some refreshing drinks and delicious food on their huge patio. 

From River Works we head towards the lake where you will see the silos, Canalside and Erie Basin Marina. Then we head back past Riverworks towards Silo City where we will take you to see the ghost ship! All while relaxing with your friends sipping your favorite beverage and listening to your music. The speed the cycle boat travels is perfect for taking photos and capturing the beautiful of our ever changing waterfront. We have a powerful 60 HP motor if you want to assist when conditions require help.

You can bring up to three 12 oz cans of beer or three 6 oz bottles of wine per adult. (NO Liquor, NO Glass). All beverages you drink are kept in you until we return to shore. NO TOILET on the boat.

We are your tour guide and designated driver (DD). You will get to enjoy some awesome views from our cycle boat cruise. 

Read our Pro Tips Blog to Ensure A Perfect Tour

You don’t need a special occasion to come out on our cycle boat tour to enjoy all Buffalo has to offer.

Cycle Boat Cruise