Cycle Boat Tour in Buffalo

Drink, Pedal & Enjoy the Water

This is a custom made boat. It was my goal to exceed that was available for purchase. I could not settle for an off the shelf boat that I could be confident in it’s safety.  Our passenger area is totally enclosed from bow to stern with solid walls. It’s bike stations have fully enclosed chain guards to protect your feet for cuts caused by an exposed bike chain. It has a 60 hp motor, twice as strong as any other in the country, this should be a serious concern in a busy river environment, when a back up power source may need to assist pedaling.  In fact, our boat has back up motor in case the gas motor fails!

Up to 18 people can travel on our boat, plus a crew of two! This makes it the biggest boat in the WORLD. 

Any other pluses? Having 12 pedal stations is another plus, no other bike in the world has. In fact our boat can operate by pedal power with the gas motor off. You will be impressed!

Yes, on the sunny days it is the only total convertible boat too.

The 90 minute tours start at the Templeton Landing Restaurant. Relax and enjoy some refreshing drinks and delicious food on their huge patio. 

From Templeton Landing he head into the outer harbor to the Buffalo River. While relaxing with your friends slipping a beverage we will see sites such as the light house built in 1833, the naval park, Canalside, grain silos and Riverworks. The speed the cycle boat travels is the perfect speed to take photos and see everything that is changing the image of our city.

 A commercial boat needs a highly qualified captain. Most commercial boats out there have a captain who’s prior experience was operating their pleasure boat. That was unacceptable to me. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you our captain, Mr. Larry Jones.  Captain Jones is a former United States Marine that loves the outdoors and is a strong advocate for protecting the environment. He has captained commercial boats in the Florida Keys and Gulf of Mexico. During the winter months he operates a charter fishing business in the jungle of Guyana, South America. Yep, I did say in the jungle, 95 miles from a road.

Learn more about our amazing captain at his website

You can bring up to three 12 oz cans of beer or three 6 oz bottles of wine per adult. (NO Liquor, NO Glass). All beverages you drink are kept in you until we return to shore. NO TOILET on the boat. 

Play your own music from your phone to our high-quality guitar amp style speakers. We are your tour guide and designated driver (DD). You will get to enjoy some awesome views from our cycle boat cruise. 

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You don’t need a special occasion to come out on our cycle boat tour to enjoy all Buffalo has to offer.

Cycle Boat Cruise