Corporate Outings and Staff Events

Snce 2014 Buffalo Pedal Tours has become a leading source of team building experiences for the largest and most successful companies in Western New York. We are used to expose potential clients and out of town employees to our city and build bonds between current employee. Frequent users include banks, insurance companies, your medical providers and the contractor that works on your home. In short, everybody knows somebody that has been on and loves our tours. Your guests will be impressed at Buffalo’s architecture and the bars and restaurants we visit. Even seasoned Buffalo boosters will enjoy seeing the city on a slow moving vehicle that will make them aware of things they zoomed pass in their car or on the bus. Our city has made strides we will can all be proud to show off.
We will work closely with you to ensure the trip will run smoothly. We are only a phone call away to help you get the outing organized. We understand that planning an event is stressful and the energy you provided may not be appreciated by those who assigned you to the task. Well, we appreciate you! See Buffalo Architecture In A Different Way!
We offer a variety of outings to bring your clients and employees together. Our overwhelmingly famous three bar pub crawl, progressive dinners and the entertaining, yet educational architectural tour.
We encourage to promote your company during your tour. Wear t-shirts and put your company banner on the bike or boat. The attention you receive pedaling around may just land you a new client or customer! Or, should you choose…. keep the outing low key and discrete.
Every company has different policies concerning alcohol. Most tour groups permit bring a can of beer/wine for the riders to have while they travel around the city. Some provide alcohol others do not provide but permit their employees to do so.

Our architecture/history tours are by far our most common corporate team building event and . seeing a collection NO OTHER CITY our size most larger than ours and brag about. You can bring your own food or snacks. Finger foods and 4 inch subs or pizza slices are popular. 

Progressive Dinners are a great idea for events such as retirement parties, celebrations of a job well done or you want to show off Buffalo to out of town employees. The food is not included in your booking price but you pick where you want to go and what you want to order so you control the budget. Please click the Progressive Dinner button and it will tell you more and give you all of your restaurant options

For bar and brewery tours you bring all of your own beer, wine and food and we are your DD for the tour. We stop at 3 bars over the course of the tour.

We offer tour start times of 11am, 1, 3:30, 6, 8:30 to pick between but we can also start earlier in the morning upon request. We do tours year round with a great winter rate, between the pedaling, dressing right and drinking you will be more than warm enough. For 2 hours on a weekday it is $340 weekends are $380. Tip is not included in that number. You will see the guide does a lot more then just get the group from point A to point B, one of the big things is taking amazing group photos on the organizer’s phone for them to send out to everyone.