History Tours


When you sweat together you form a bond, just think military, sports etc. That is why pedal tours make for a great staff outing where your employees will genuinely bond. Every corporate tour leaves with a happy group that is closer together. We offer a variety of different tours which makes us a great idea for your offices next outing. We encourage organizers to do things such as have everyone pick out a song and put it on a playlist which will get played as the group pedals and you will try to guess who picked out what song. Other groups have made fun award certificates for everyone, things like best socks, earliest in the office, best smelling lunches and things of that nature. Our 2 most common corporate tours are our architecture/history tour and the bar hopping excursion. We understand that every office has a different alcohol policy so you can have a dry ride or a “hydrated” ride. You bring the beer, wine and food and we are your tour guide and DD. We also offer food tours which are great for retirement party’s and showing out of town clients/employees around our great city

The Buffalo history tours are great for larger groups. You will visit the city’s iconic structures and institutions and learn how they came about and how they have become what they are today. Learn how Buffalo earned its nickname as the City of Light, becoming one of the first cities to host widespread electric power and the pioneering people and technology that made this possible. As you cruise around the city, you’ll see Buffalo’s past come to light, learning about the unique architecture and the humble beginnings of famous landmarks like beautiful City Hall, the Electric Tower, and the iconic Statler Hotel and Hotel Lafayette.

The bar and brewery tours will take you to 3 bars. Which bars you visit depends on which location you start from.

Multi Bike Tours are possible for larger groups we have 5 bikes so we can accommodate up to 73 people. When groups book multiple bikes we pre decide which bars ahead of time with the organizer and work with the bars to make everyone’s ordering as smooth as possible. For multi bike tours we work to pre order drinks or do tokens to make things as easy and quick as possible.

Call or email to learn more about Buffalo history tours and book your 15-person or 13-person pedal-powered beer bike today.