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We buy and sell new and used tiki boats, cycleboats and party bikes

Party Bikes & Cycle Boats For Sale!

Thinking of starting a beer bike or cycleboat business?  You have come to the right place. Our customers include the Nashville Predators- NHL Hockey Team, Trolley Pub in North Carolina, Trident Pedal Tours in the Bahamas.

Doing business with us is easy. We love helping others make their dreams come true. If it’s finding a modestly priced used beer bike, selling your beer boat or bike that you don’t need or getting top notch training to make your business sky rocket we will make you happy you called. Need some help finding the cash to start up? No problem, we will put you in touch with banks to help with that.

There still is time to start your business this year!

Two new 15 person bikes will be ready for delivery!

These bikes are the same bikes that the Nashville Predators bought from us last year. Features include: Front suspension, Front bumper, LED lighting, Running boards, Duel head lights, Side markers, Adjustable Sunbrella roof, Awning sign board, Cup holders, Phone troughs, Pedaler grab bars, 10 Adjustable Cloud 9 seats, Seat backs, Padded rear bench. Baby Moon wheel covers, Front bumper, BMX pedal system, Full chain guards, Driver gear shelve, Overhead storage for purses and coats, Purse hooks. These beauties are packed with features you can find on most bikes and are modestly priced at only $52,999 each. This style bike has been in our fleet for three seasons. We love driving them and our customers love how easy it is to pedal.

The season is starting. Call us to arrange to see the bike. You will agree that there is not better bike made on the whole planet.

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