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Buffalo Pedal Tours Covid 19 Policy

Buffalo Pedal Tours is a responsible part of the community and is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers. The health of our guests and staff is our number one concern. We will be following the recommendations provided by the Center For Disease Control(CDC) and the New York State Department of Health. We… Read more »

Where to Find a Cash Machine In Downtown Buffalo

The quickest what to get drinkings in a bar is with cash. Waiting to swipe a care takes time, which you don’t have much of on a party bike tour. Here is the spots that have cash machines: Pearl Street Grill- located on Pearl and Seneca Streets Parking lot on Seneca and Pearl Street. Tappo’s-… Read more »

What are the best bars in Buffalo New York?

What are the best bars in Buffalo New York? The question we get asked the most is which tour is, which trips are better Canaldide or downtown? The answer isn’t easy. Both routes have super bars to stop at. Both routes will take to past historic architecture. Downtown trips often will take you past the… Read more »

Communication ensures a better pedal tour experience

How to create a smooth pedal tour experience You may think it’s all set once you get your receipt that you paid for the trip. Well, it’s not. Very often assumptions lead to expectations not being met. Sometime folks are not aware the location was changed, other times guests come with MP3 player that can… Read more »

Reading Our Blog Entries = Best Pedal Tour Experience Possible

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog entries. We put time into writing these blogs because we want to make sure your group has as much fun as possible. We have learned from experience that if you read the blog entries, it will help instruct you & your group on how to… Read more »

Pedal Tour Pro Tips

Our goal is to make sure your group has as much fun as possible in a safe environment. This is why we write these blogs to pass our experience of driving hundreds of tours on to you. We realize that as the organizer of your group, you have the hardest job so we are here… Read more »

Multiple Bike Tours

Over the course of the summer we have done hundreds of multiple bike tours and we had many instances where groups asked if they could rent another bike because so many people wanted to go but unfortunately the other bikes were rented at that time. That is why we wanted to take a moment to… Read more »

Bachelorette Parties

I was just looking thru a run down of our most popular tours to write a piece about them and found it to be the bachelorette parties. You will have an absolute blast out with your girls on the bike as you cruise around the city. Decorating the bike will make your night be much… Read more »

Decorating The Bike

Whether your tour is a birthday, bachelorette or corporate outing, decorating the bike will make your pedal tour more enjoyable. Not only does it make your photos better but when the cars and people in the streets see you are celebrating an occasion they react with happy birthdays and honks. Groups decorate on varying levels,… Read more »

Fall Pedal Tours

Now that the weather has begun to change from this super hot summer we just wanted to take a second to talk about the difference between summer and fall pedal tours. The big thing is letting you know that when the sun goes down the temperature drops 20 or so degrees downtown so you can… Read more »