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Fall Pedal Tours

Now that the weather has begun to change from this super hot summer we just wanted to take a second to talk about the difference between summer and fall pedal tours. The big thing is letting you know that when the sun goes down the temperature drops 20 or so degrees downtown so you can… Read more »

What To Wear On Your Pedal Tour

This varies season to season but dressing properly does make a difference. No matter the season please make sure everyone wears sneakers, it does not matter if your sandals have backs to them. We want to protect your toes because the pedals move when the bike moves and we do not want the pedal to… Read more »

Yes, you can drink beer and wine on it

We strongly recommend drinking out of a can or the plastic wine bottle. Drinks in cups spill easily when we hit a bump. Sweet smells attract bees. The alcohol policy is that you can bring two 12 ounce cans of beer or two 6 ounce plastic bottles of white wine (red wine stains) on the bike… Read more »

Cool Bachelorette Parties

I was just looking thru a run down of our most popular tours to write a piece about them and found it to be the bachelorette parties. You will have an absolute blast out with your friends on the bike as you cruise around the city. Decorating your bike will make your bike truly yours…. Read more »

Fall Tours

We are truly lucky to have had such a beautiful summer. Our summer months were busier than we ever dreamed they would be. The Fall is a super time too! Fall can be the perfect temperature. A warm coat, gloves and pedaling will keep you very comfortable.  The trees were gorgeous this Fall and the… Read more »

Pedal Tour Pro Tips

In a referral based business like we are in we want to make sure that you have as much fun as possible. We have also driven hundreds and hundreds of tours so we know what works and what doesn’t work and we want to share tips with you. You will get a call from your driver before… Read more »

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