Take your clients and key employees out for a fun time on our party bike, saloon boat or party boat.

So are you looking for a way to treat your employees or impress your out of town guests? Looking for away to get your employees to feel like a team? Getting the bike moving by pedaling together creates a bond with the group.  We can take out groups as large 48 on our boats combing our saloon and party boats and 56 on using four bikes.   All of Buffalo’s most successful companies use our bikes and boats to entertain their employees and clients.

We offer a variety of options, from our traditional pub crawls on our bikes, to progressive dinners, to architectural tours, to boat trips. If you’re looking for a fun group experience that showcases Buffalo’s architectural attractions, best brew pubs, or hottest restaurants.

Buffalo NY Team Building

We are ready to help with your planning

Our experienced staff are here ready to help. We have done thousands of trips and are ready to share our tips with you. Our goal is to make your event special and easy to put together.

Large groups are no problem

We can take groups from 8 to 56 people out for road events and from 8 to 58 on our boats.

Your event will be unique

Some groups wear their corporate gear and put a banner on the bike bike or boat. Others keep it discreet. You select the music, it’s as easy as connecting to our Bluetooth sound system. You can bring your own food and canned beverages( limits apply) on the bike and boats.

Call us at 716-984-3834 to learn more about our special packages and upcoming offerings or book using the button below!