Fall Pedal Tours

Now that the weather has begun to change from this super hot summer we just wanted to take a second to talk about the difference between summer and fall pedal tours. The big thing is letting you know that when the sun goes down the temperature drops 20 or so degrees downtown so you can go from hot to cold which is why we recommend bringing a hoodie to throw on later when you get cold. The bike has plenty of storage space for belongings so take advantage of it. It is hard to enjoy yourself when you are cold. During the fall, winter and spring the weekend afternoon tours become more sought after because groups want to take advantage of the daylight. Sunday tours also mean wear your Bills shirts and jerseys on your pedal tour. Beer interests also change and having driven tours yesterday I can safely tell you that Oktoberfest beers are being consumed and enjoyed. Remember just 1 can per person. Between having a beer before your tour at either Big Ditch or Riverworks, the beer you bring to drink on the bike between the bars and visiting 3 bars you will have more then enough alcohol to be feeling good.