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Buffalo Pedal Tours, land and sea, is a safe and enjoyable way to explore the city of Buffalo while having a great time with your friends, family or co workers.  Our SIX pedal powered trollies takes groups of up to 15 on a unique ride that is pedal-powered  and driven by an experienced driver who will take you where you want to go.  Enjoy historic sight-seeing, bar crawls and you can 100% customize your tours to pick the bars and restaurants you want to visit downtown.

If you are planning a large party we have six bikes so we can accommodate groups of up to 86, off season and up to 60, from May to November! Buffalo Pedal Tours makes you 100% in control of the tour, bring your own food and snacks, play your own music, pick the route and let us handle the driving.

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 Your Buffalo Pedal Tour Questions Answered!

Is the bike I selected guaranteed?

We reserve the right to substitute bikes due to mechanical issues, driver changes or other unexpected situations.

How do I pay

On our website. All trips are paid in full 30 days before your trip.

Where do the trips start and end?

 Downtown trips start and end at on Elm Street and Genesse Street. Free parking can be found on Genesee Street between Elm and Michigan Street. Some people park in the pay parking lot located on Chippewa and Washington Street and walk to one block to the start point. Canalside trips start at 241 South Park Avenue & free parking can be found on Moore Street.

Can I drink alcohol on the Pub Crawler?

Yes, you may bring two 12 oz. cans of beer or two 6 oz. plastic bottle of wine per rider. NO hard liquor. NO glass. The most common reason for the land tours are to pedal to bars for a drink so you don’t need to bring a lot of alcohol on the bike. We will stop along the way at some of Buffalo’s finest watering holes for a refreshment before hopping back on to the next location. You are not permitted to take your drink off the bike OR to bring a drink from the bar back to the bike.

Can we bring food or beverages?

Bring whatever food, snacks, appetizers and candy you want. We have storage space on the bike. Don’t forget the napkins and plates that go along with the food. Each person 21 years & over is permitted to bring up to TWO twelve ounce cans of beer per person OR TWO six ounce plastic bottles of wine. No hard liquor. No jello shots. NO GLASS BOTTLES OR CONTAINERS ARE ALLOWED.You may not bring drinks from the bar to the bike. Drinks on the bike must stay on the bike. No drinking on the sidewalk or street. All drinks must be finished before the end of the trip. You will be asked to dump anything left. There can be no drinking in the parking lots. You cannot drink once off the bike.

How many people do we need to ride? How many pedal? How much work is it?

The minimum number of riders is 8 & the maximum number of riders is 13-15 depending on the style of the bike. There is one Dutch bike which is a 13 seat bike. All the other bikes have 15 seats. Our bikes are powered by your pedaling. We take out groups of all different levels of physical fitness and ages. As with any type of physical exercise, consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

What Groups can ask for Donations?

We have chosen four main areas of interest that we would consider giving donations.

  • Education
  • Arts; Cultural
  • Environment
  • Human Services


  • Must have 501(c)(3) status
  • Must submit 60 days prior to the event
  • No individual or private foundations
  • No political organizations/campaigns
  • No religious activities
  • No research projects
  • No sports teams

Does the weather prevent me from riding?

Weather is no problem for us, our large awning keeps guests dry. We have never missed a trip due to rain. The only weather exceptions are: lightning, strong winds, & snow and ice on the ground in the winter. You might think it’s too cold in the fall and winter, but after pedaling a few short minutes, you’ll get the blood flowing and realize it’s nice to be outside. It is common in the fall and winter for guests to bring jackets and leave them on the bike when they go into the bar because they are hot. Experience all the cool winter events downtown in style.

If severe weather does occur, which would make going on the boat dangerous, Buffalo Pedal Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour and offer the renter a rescheduled trip or a refund.

What if our pub crawl tour takes too long?

We are very good at getting back in time for the next group. However, if your tour goes beyond the scheduled time you are on the hook for additional charges.(Traffic beyond our control is taken into consideration!) You control the pace of the tour as you are the peddlers. If you choose to stay at one location for a longer time, that is fine, but please remember that it cuts into your time at the following bars and we do not want to see you at the last bar have to run in and drink quickly and return to the bike so you are not late getting back

You will be charged for any damage to the pedal bike during your trip. DO NOT sit or stand on the fenders, bounce on the seats or slam the tambourines. Charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

Do you provide a driver on the pub crawl?

Yes. All drivers are employees of Buffalo Pedal Tours & are highly skilled.

Who’s in charge of the Pub Crawler?

A. The driver/tour guide. We ask that you respect everyone around you including fellow riders, patrons and drivers on the road. We’re the city of good neighbors, and that includes sharing the road with one another.

B. The renter. Only one person can be a renter and that person is the main person the driver answers to. One person organizing and communicating to the driver makes things run much more smoothly, allowing you time to enjoy the ride.

I have to sign a Passenger Release of Liability Waiver and Behavior Agreement?

You should have a reasonable expectation that something could possibly happen. Signing the liability waiver is a requirement. We expect full compliance with the rules of the pedal tour and the rules of the road.

Should I be nervous about how fast this goes?

Not at all, the rate of speed varies by group. How fast and intense the group pedals and the total weight of the group determine how fast we go. We do need to keep a speed of above 6mph when we are going thru the road but that is not an issue. The common speed is 5-7 mph, as we said before we have had all types of groups ride our tours and we have never had any trouble. How fast we go is not about athleticism it is about heart. If you pedal the bike flies, if you just move your legs then the bike will just move.

Can I make my own route for a Pub Crawler tour?

If you are considering a custom route, please contact us directly to see what options there are and what type of restrictions based on the geographical locations of the streets. Our routes give you the option to pick between different bars and restaurants. We are creating a giant circle which maximizes your time in the bars. Tours where the stops go progressively farther from the beginning/end point create a super long pedal back at the end and we try to avoid this at all costs

Is there a refund policy?

Boat: No refunds for trips cancelled due to dangerous weather. You will be issued a credit(rain check) good for two years.

Land: Tours go out even when it rains. The large bike awning will keep the rain from falling on your head but you will need a rain jacket for blowing rain. Tours are only cancelled due to high wind, lightning, ice or snow.

If you have to cancel & the tour is more than 30 days away, you may reschedule or get a 50% refund.

If it is between 15 – 29 days from the date of your trip- you can reschedule only, no refunds. (Only ONE rescheduling allowed per rental and it must be used within 14 days of the day you cancel)
If you are 14 days from your trip – no refunds or rescheduling of the trip.

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Can I advertise on the Pedal Bike? Yes  Who do I contact about this? Send an email to info@BuffaloPedalTours for information

Does Buffalo Pedal Tours sell pedal bikes/boats??? Yes

Who do I contact about buying a pedal bike/boat? Call or send an email to info@BuffaloPedalTours

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Buffalo Pedal Tours