Buffalo Pedal Tours- Top notch training

You and your friends are ready for a good time on the bike or boat. So how was your driver selected and trained?

Your safety is more important to us than you having a good time. We have the highest expectations of our every prospective drivers. Each applicant submits their driver’s license for review in the NYS LENS program. Their record is monitored during their employment at Buffalo Pedal Tours. Each person that applies is also required to pass a pre-employment Federal Department of Transportation DOT 5 drug test. If they fail that test they are not hired.  During employment they are also subject to random testing.

Soon after hiring drivers are required to take a Defensive Driving class. Then the on the road training starts. The first tours are with a manager. Drivers do not conduct a tour sole until they have demonstrated their ability to drive safely. After that has been demonstrated they are subject to unannounced inspections. If an employee would be accused of unsafe driving they would immediately be suspended and an investigation would be completed.  If they would be found to be at fault, they would be terminated.