Multiple Bike Tours

Over the course of the summer we have done hundreds of multiple bike tours and we had many instances where groups asked if they could rent another bike because so many people wanted to go but unfortunately the other bikes were rented at that time. That is why we wanted to take a moment to write a blog giving out some pro tips for groups that are thinking about renting more then one bike at once. When deciding if you should book more then one bike at a time you need to first accurately gauge how many people can come. Text everyone asking if 6pm on the 21st works for the group and once you get enough confirmations then you want to book sooner rather than later. Just because you do not have a full 30 commitments when you ask do not let that stop you from booking because it is safe to assume if you have everyone who confirmed for a tour ask a friend to supplement the group that they can get additional people to help fill the bike. Booking one bike then waiting until it gets closer and more people want to join will very likely create a problem because the other bikes are already booked for that time slot already.

Once you have booked the bikes you will want to copy and paste important information from your confirmation email and send it to your group. Things like where to meet, at what time, what to wear, what not to wear and what to bring. Find 2 people with coolers who can bring them, one for each bike. For the alcohol component consider picking up a 30 pack for the group so you do not have to worry about people bringing too much, glass, etc. We will call you before your tour to walk you through how the day of your tour will play out and find out what route you want to do because certain bars are better able to handle larger groups at once. We encourage you to plan ahead for the bars you do pick. With large groups & multi bike tours at busy bars, tell everyone in your group to order beer, wine or simple well drinks (versus craft cocktails). Ordering pitchers of beer or drinks can be easier.