On St. Patrick’s Day Everyone’s Irish At Buffalo Pedal Tours

St. Patrick's DayThere are so many great holidays to celebrate in Buffalo, but none like that of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Buffalonians far and wide come to the parade to celebrate “Erin Go Bragh”, see the Grand Marshal’s float and eat corn beef and cabbage.

And it is one thing to be at the parade, but it is even more exciting to be in the parade. Imagine being the envy of all your friends and relatives, as you ride past them down Delaware Avenue, on one of the most unique “floats” in existence.

At Buffalo Pedal Tours, we can make this dream a reality as our amazing pedal buses will be featured in this year’s parade!

Give Yourself A St. Patrick’s Day Parade Memory You’ll Never Forget In 2016

On Sunday March 20th, 2016, enjoy the famous Irish holiday from a different point of view as you ride down Delaware on our St. Paddy’s Day float. St. Patrick's Day Photo

Book your seat now and this includes not only a trip in the parade but also a one-hour pub crawl after!

Buffalo Pedal Tours offer a variety of party, brewery and architecture tours all across Buffalo and into Western New York.

From Bachelorette parties to historic tours, you can get a group of your family, friends or out-of-towners to see Buffalo in a new way.

To book your spot on the St. Patrick’s Day parade float call us at 716-984-3834 today, spots will be filling up quickly.

If you would like to book a different type of tour, we can accommodate you there as well.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette PartyAre you or your maid of honor looking for fun and new ideas for an upcoming bachelorette party?

Well here’s how you can do that and more, making the bachelorette party and night, one to remember.

5 Tips To Throw A Successful Bachelorette Party

  1. Select A Creative Bachelorette Party Theme – Find a creative theme that everyone can participate in (also one that the bride will enjoy most) and run with it. Whether you are all dressed as Barbie dolls or you all dress as country girls, to throwing it back to an 80’s style-theme, have fun with it and go all out!
  2. Have A Scavenger Hunt – This is the perfect way to keep all those in the party involved. Lay out ground rules that could be related to the theme, and make sure everyone is cool with the scavenger hunt’s objectives. Take cool pictures with strangers or find a way to dance on top of the bar. Those who complete the hunt can get an award and, in the end, everyone wins.
  3. Use Props – What’s a party without props? Find unique and interesting props to carry around that can make you feel like a celebrity. Make a cool tiara for the bride or a sash she can wear around all night.
  4. Include The Bride – Making her feel special on this night is of the utmost importance. Group dances of her favorite songs, shots with her at the bar. Get the bar crowd in on the fun and make sure she knows how much it means to be in on the bachelorette party and her last night as a single woman.
  5. Take Your Party On A Pedal Tour – Be safe and secure on your travels by scheduling a tour on Buffalo Pedal Tours. Play your own music, bring food and drinks, and you can show your out-of-town friends around the great city as well!

What are you waiting for…? Do you want to celebrate with the bridal party and more at the awesome bars around downtown Buffalo?Bachelorette Party Tips

Book your Bachelorette Party early, so that everyone you invite can join and with the tips from above, the unforgettable night can be a success.

For more information or to book a tour, contact Buffalo Pedal Tours at 716-984-3834 today!

Craft Beer Enthusiasts Come And Learn What The Pedal Tour Is All About

Craft Beer Enthusiasts Come And Learn What The Pedal Tour Is All AboutBuffalo’s renaissance has helped make the city one of the most premier destinations in America.  With its celebrated history, great architecture, and new rebuilding efforts, there is much to experince. Canalside and new waterfront, cultural embraces, SolarCity initiatives and more.

One of the more prominent establishments popping up across Western New York is the brewery and pub.

If you haven’t had a chance to see one of the many new breweries that have opened in Buffalo recently, then you have been missing out.

There are a few ways to travel around to each one, but not as many as fun and unique as the Downtown Pub crawl. This tour is a staple of Buffalo Pedals Tours.

What’s great about the pub crawl is that you can enjoy all the fine craft beers and drinks you’d like, without the worry of driving and finding a parking spot. Let us be your tour guide and DD.

Want To Learn More About Buffalo Pedal Tours? Craft Beer Enthusiasts Come And Learn What The Pedal Tour Is All About

This weekend, January 15th – 16th, we will be at the upcoming Buffalo On Tap, Buffalo’s largest Craft Beer Festival, located at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

While you are sampling over 150 tasty craft beers from all over America, we will be on hand with all three of our fine pedal tour buses to answer any questions you might have about our tours and the unique experience everyone receives.

2016 tours will book up fast, as the Buffalo Pedal Tour is “What’s In” this year. Cruise around Buffalo in style for any occasion. Book your tours now and if you can’t make it to Buffalo On Tap, feel free to contact us at 716-984-3834 today!

Looking For A Last Minute Gift? Give The Gift Of Pedal Tour!

Looking For A Last Minute Gift? Give The Gift Of Pedal Tour!Holiday times are here and we all want to give that special person or persons in our life a gift that will stand out, making them know we think they are special. Tablets, jewelry, and books are all gifts that we can give any time of the year.

We have an idea for a gift that can really make the recipient smile. Give the gift of the pedal tour from your friends here at Buffalo Pedal Tours!

Haven’t been on a pedal tour, or want to have someone else that is dear to your heart to experience the awesome adventure you had while riding on the pedal bus?

With our gift certificates, our passengers can float around Buffalo, going from bar-to-bar or check out the new scenery at the Canalside waterfront!

As a rider of Buffalo Pedal Tours, you can decorate the famous 15-person pedal pub crawler, pick your favorite riding music, and of course, bring your favorite food and beverages.

Each gift certificate order comes in a festive, colorful envelope with a rack card that describes the types of trips around Buffalo that we offer.

You can order for any amount and the gift certificate can be applied towards any trip.

Getting the gift certificate is easy. Click here or give us a call at 716-984-3834.

Make someone happy and give the gift of the pedal tour this year, and our gift will be sent to the address you request the next day. So what are you waiting for, New Years?!

Book Your Holiday Party At Buffalo Pedal Tours

December is filled with great holidays.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Saint Lucia’s Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and even Festivus are just a few holidays celebrated this month.

Celebrating is serious business. Activities and entertainment must be planned in order to get everyone together to enjoy the occasion, pass around gifts and to party into the night.

Are you planning the holiday party for your family or place of employment?

Been thinking of a new way to party for any of these holidays?

Try something different this holiday season. Book your party on Buffalo Pedal Tours, where everyone can get in on the fun.

Pedal Tour Holiday Party Book Your Holiday Party At Buffalo Pedal Tours

Buffalo is having quite the weather anomaly, so take advantage of the lack of snow and celebrate your holiday party now before the wicked snow and low temperatures come into town.

Regardless of the temperature, the bicycle riding will keep you and your fellow riders warm, we promise.

There are plenty of available unique and different holiday party bike tours available.

Work parties can grab a downtown pub crawl and bike all around the city, stopping at bars along the way.

Families with out-of-towners can get on the progressive dinner tour, celebrating togetherness and being able to enjoy each other’s company.

Remember that, Buffalo Pedal Tours will be putting two bikes away for the winter in December, but will keep the 15-seat bike that operates at the Big Ditch Brewery. This bike will go all year round, as long as there’s no salt and slush on the ground, the tours will commence.

Want to give the gift of the pedal tour to a friend or family member? You can purchase a gift certificate from us today.

Buffalo Pedal Tours is now accepting 2016 reservations. Ensure you get the day and time you want by reserving now.

Happy Holiday to all!

Have An Unparalleled Thanksgiving Experience With A Buffalo Pedal Tour

Have An Unparalleled Thanksgiving Experience With A Buffalo Pedal TourIt’s the Thanksgiving holiday week.

There’s football to watch, family and friends from out of town to catch up with, and Black Friday shopping to consider.

As you start to cook your turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pies this week, all your friends and family are coming into Buffalo to help you consume the delicious food.

Entertaining your guests with food is easy, but if you are looking for another activity to enjoy in-between the onset of a Turkey Tryptophan coma, perhaps it’s time to consider something unequaled in experience.

Looking for a reason to jump on the Buffalo Pedal Tour and haven’t found the right moment to do so? Have An Unparalleled Thanksgiving Experience With A Buffalo Pedal Tour

It’s getting colder in Buffalo, but don’t let that deter you from going out on the pedal tour for an extraordinary ride around town.

Have a fun get together that you and all your Thanksgiving guests will all be able to participate in.

Stay warm by cycling on the streets (from our experience you will be warmer than those pedestrians you’ll cruising by).

Plus the quicker you get to each stop the more time you’ll have to be inside as well.

The upcoming weather for this holiday week in Buffalo looks favorable with ideal conditions to get your private tour moving all weekend.

And if you are still searching for fun activities after turkey day to do with your guests, you can book a pedal tour for this weekend after Thanksgiving too.

Don’t forget to book your upcoming holiday pedal tour parties and if you’d like to give the gift of Buffalo pedal tour to someone you care for, we can help.

Buffalo Pedal Tours is the perfect way to celebrate all holidays or special events with friends, family, coworkers, or fellow residents of Buffalo.

Utilize one pedal bus or if you have an extended family in town, we have the ability to accommodate 43 guests with three exceptionally well-built pedal buses.

Schedule your tour now and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Tours

We are truly lucky to have had such a beautiful summer. Our summer months were busier than we ever dreamed they would be. The Fall is a super time too! Fall can be the perfect temperature. A warm coat, gloves and pedaling will keep you very comfortable.  The trees were gorgeous this Fall and the Halloween party at the Witches Ball was epic! While we will put 2 bikes away for the winter in December(the RiverWorks ones) we will keep the 15 seat bike at the Big Ditch Brewery operating year round. As long as we don’t have salt and slush on the ground, we will go out touring. Trust us when we say we won’t let the cold scare US out of doing a tour. It was 15 degrees went we did tours at the Larkin Winter Festival in January! We will bring the 2 bikes out for St Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget you can purchase a gift certificate on our website! We are accepting 2016 reservations so make sure you get the day and time you want. Thanks for a great year Buffalo we look forward to being part of your special time with family and friends.

Pedal Tour Pro Tips

In a referral based business like we are in we want to make sure that you have as much fun as possible. We have also driven hundreds and hundreds of tours so we know what works and what doesn’t work and we want to share tips with you. You will get a call from your driver before your tour to walk you through how the day of your tour will play out. If you have any questions beforehand just email/call/text we are very good at responding quickly.

Before Your Tour

As soon as book visit our FAQ page on our website and click on the link for the waiver form. Make a copy for each person that is on your trip. Review the waviers to ensure they were completed correctly. This will speed up the boarding process and if we get the boarding process done quickly then the tour can leave out quicker and that is free bonus time out on the bike which as you can imagine groups love to take advantage of.

Your driver will call you the week of the tour to see if you have any questions and to talk about the route. On the day of the tour we ask that you arrive no later than 20 minutes before your tour, most groups arrive even earlier and have drinks, split an appetizer and hang out. When you board the driver will ask for everyone’s attention and review the waive forms,  help the driver out by getting everyone attention and keeping them quiet. The driver will need to check everyone’s identification card too. The driver will then give out the hooking up directions. Our speaker is a Bluetooth system your phone should connect to “Tailgater”. Use Pandora, Spotify, a mix whatever you want to listen to. When you leave come back from the bar you will have to reconnect.   You have lots of choices of bars to stop at. We give you plenty of options but groups usually stick to our partner bars, places like Pearl Street Grill, Pan American and River Works  that offer you drinks specials. Again, in a referral based business we want to make sure you have fun and the bars we partner with are cool bars with great craft beer lists, patios, drink and sometimes food specials.  A great pro tip is to let the driver know how much pedaling the group wants to do, all routes involve different amounts of pedaling and we want to make sure you have as great a time as possible.  The trip organizer(the one who used their credit card to pay for the trip) is the main contact with the driver and the one that the driver will look to to help everything flow smoothly.

Food and Decorating

Decorating the bike makes for an amazing tour, cars and people on the streets just react more and it really does make everyone have more fun.  Our Facebook and the gallery on the website offer some great ideas of what past groups have done that look cool. The BIG things to remember are to bring masking tape (we have to get the bike cleaned for the tours after you) the sign on the back of the bike can’t be wider than a door (can’t cover our turn signals) and when thinking about hanging things  you don’t want to hand things across the riders where it swings and hits people in the face. A funny thing done by a few tours for birthdays is to print out silly photos of the birthday person to hang on the bike.  When you are decorating the bike the driver will give you more pro tips and help you decorate. For food you are welcome to bring anything. Food, snacks, appetizers and candy (bringing the birthday persons favorite type hint hint) remember some foods are easier to eat on the bike than others. While you can eat while you pedal and when we park not everything is to hold. Make sure you also bring the napkins, plates, silverware that goes along with your food.  While you eat on the bike you don’t need to bring a Thanksgiving feast you won’t be able to eat that much. Skip the cheese and crackers we find that they tend to not be eaten. Some great ideas humus and pita chips, cookies, candy, sour patch kids,etc. All right the last one was my personal favorite but we strongly recommend bringing food it something that almost every group brings.  For birthdays also skip the tiny cupcakes and splurge on your friends for the full sized ones which aren’t 100% frosting and get all over everyone hands and the bike. 

On the Bike

We have never had anyone fall or get hurt, when the driver shows you how to get up and down properly at the start so pay attention. Just basic common sense stuff here, you can’t jump off and do a fire drill, no spitting or swearing, don’t steal glasses from the bar (the driver will have you return them) if a bicyclist doesn’t high five you no need to run your mouth. You will be able to play your own music during this time, you don’t want to play it to loud so people can’t talk.  Also the people that aren’t pedaling and are riding in the back should use the time to take photos because they will be able to take good photos and videos of the group.  When we get to the stop the driver will let you know what time the group has to be back on the bike, it is important that you stick to the schedule because when you are late from one bar it just takes up bar time at the last bar and we don’t want to see the group be late at the first 2 bars and then have to rush in and drink the beer quickly at the 3rd bar.  To keep the group on schedule let everyone know ahead of time to bring cash, it will make it easier for them to pay the organizer back but by not opening up tabs it allows groups to not wait on one person closing out there tab. The other reason is to tip your driver, you will see that your drivers go above and beyond and earn it.  The bike also has plenty of storage space whether it be for the food and snacks, purses, backpacks, clothing etc.  Always take your purse, car keys and phone when you leave the bike. The driver is not always on the bike as he or she will leave to call you back from the bar.

Alcohol Policy

You are permitted to bring one 12oz or less can of beer on the bike for each person, NO GLASS OR LIQUOR. When you are pedaling between the bars you are there to talk and take everything in, not binge drink. At the end of the tour it is common for the majority of the beers on the bike to be not finished. You get all types of really good deals at the bars, we can assure you will stay “hydrated”.

After the Tour

When we arrive at the finishing point the driver just needs everyone attention for a few minutes to see if anyone wants to buy koozies, shirts, hoodies. The driver will ask you to like us on Facebook and then they will take another group photo.  The organizer usually slips the driver the tip, the driver helps undecorate, clean the bike, hand down food and belongings. Do keep in mind that we are on tight schedules between tours so we can’t spend as much time as we want with your group after your trip. At this point we hope that you enjoyed your experience and want to do it again. We also ask that you write a review about us whether it be on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google it all counts for us as we try to grow our business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we know you are going to have a blast with your friends now 🙂



Just Moved To Buffalo & Want To Learn About The City In A Fun Way?

Just Moved To Buffalo & Want To Learn About The City In A Fun Way?Moving to a new city can be a new experience for any person or family. Finding a suitable place to live, transferring all your items to the new home, unpacking and getting set up, and finally trying to find a way to fit into your new surroundings. All of this can be stressful, take a toll, and put a damper on your social life.

If you’re in this type of predicament moving into a great city like Buffalo, then perhaps you have been looking for a way to integrate into the neighborhood, learn a little bit about the culture and find some new friends. As we are the “City of Good Neighbors”, it won’t be that hard.

At Buffalo Pedals Tours, we offer you a unique way to have fun and meet new people, all the while learning about the area and why it’s a great place to live.

Jump On A Social Mixer Pedal Tour

Our Social Mixer Pedal tour is your chance to take a tour of the city, get acquainted with Buffalo and is a great last-minute idea to have some fun on the town. Book a spot for yourself and while on the tour you will be enjoying drinks, delicious local food, and finding new friends. We guarantee you will enjoy your ride and might even book another with your new pals!

Buffalo Pedal Tours, one of the best, fun and unique social mixer opportunities in Buffalo, New York. By the end of the Social Mixer Pedal tour, you will be a Buffalo expert. Questions about the social mixer or any of our tours, feel free to contact us today!

Two Pedal Tour Groups Are Better Than One

Two Pedal Tour Groups Are Better Than One!Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors and it is quite possible you are one of those good neighbors. You could be that person who has a lot of friends, always the life of the party and always looking to share that fun with your large group of friends.

If you’re the planning person of the group, who has been looking for a fun new adventure to share in with all your friends, you might have even been looking to book a tour with Buffalo Pedal Tours. But perhaps you were afraid to leave some of your friends out, for fear that you wouldn’t be able to fit them all in on one tour.

Not to be one to leave anyone out, 14 spots could be filled easily but then you would have people in your group missing out on the unique and entertaining tour of the city.

Well, now we have the solution to your problem!

Not One, Not Two, But Three Pedal Tour Buses If You Want!

You say that you want to have 28 of your cool friends party on the tour, we can handle that. 43 people want to take a tour of the city together in style? Buffalo Pedal Tours can handle that too!

Buffalo Pedal Tours has not one, not two, but three amazing pedal tour buses that can help you and your group of friends travel around Buffalo in style if you want.

Recently we had two groups from Riverworks meet another group at Big Ditch Brewing Company, where they all biked to Soho on Chippewa for the largest pub crawl in Buffalo yet, 43 people.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from booking a tour with a big group of your finest friends! Buffalo Pedal Tours wants to show you a good time in a new way, contact us today for more information!