Holiday Tour Ideas: Halloween Costumed Pedal Tour

Holiday Tour Ideas: Halloween Costumed Pedal TourHalloween has become a national holiday known for many things like Trick Or Treating, candy, ghosts, crazy costumes, partying and Haunted Houses. In Buffalo, this traditional holiday is no different. Many Buffalonians flock downtown to the local bars or establishments for Halloween Costume contests, trying to win best costume or most original costume.

These things are fun to do, but what if you could get a bunch of your friends together and find a new way to go around from bar to bar, showing off all the funny or spooky costumes you are wearing? All the while enjoying the creative costumes that others had come up with?

Well you could do all this and more with a pub crawler tour from Buffalo Pedal Tours.

Bring The Party With A Halloween Costumed Pedal Tour

There is plenty of time to prepare for this kind of holiday tour idea. Halloween is a few weeks away yet, and you can plan the contests and parties with your route around the bars downtown. That way you and your friends can be apart of all the action, getting your Trick Or Treat on in a different way.

Likewise, there is more than enough time to create or purchase your new costume for the Halloween festivities. If you are going to have a kickass costume and want to show it off, go all the way this year.

Get your friends together now and book your tour before someone else does, because we all know how popular Halloween in Buffalo is. Have more questions about the tours that Buffalo Pedal Tours provides or to find out about tour availability, feel free to contact us today!

Taking A Trip To Buffalo And Want A Custom Sightseeing Tour?

Tourism has been at an all-time high in Buffalo. No matter the reason behind the trip, when you are coming over the visit the city of Buffalo from a different country, you want to get the best trip experience possible.

That means going to our city’s famous historical locations, fine local restaurants, and establishments, and learn more about what makes this area so great. The problem is that trying to visit all these places can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t sure where to go.

It’s tough when you have to rely on various channels to show you around town, taking valuable time that you are dedicating to use for sightseeing. If only there was a sightseeing tour that could be customized to help you visit all the places you want to see and the hidden gems that you didn’t know about…

Buffalo Pedal Tours Can Customize A Sightseeing Tour For YouTaking A Trip To Buffalo And Want A Custom Sightseeing Tour?

Recently, we had visitors to the area all the way from the country of Bahrain. They were looking to see the sights in Niagara Falls and they saw our reviews on Trip Advisor, gave us a call and we set up a custom sightseeing tour of downtown Buffalo.

The travelers from Bahrain received the grand Buffalo Pedal Tour treatment, and got to see why we are called the “City of Good Neighbors” first hand.

If you are coming from outside of Buffalo or even the United States and want to see what makes Buffalo so beautiful, Buffalo Pedal Tours can accommodate your needs. Take a tour around Canalside and Riverworks or learn more about the architecture that makes up the Queen City.

Want to learn more about Buffalo Pedal Tours or how to book a custom tour, please contact us today!

Haven’t Been To Canalside? Explore The Waterfront In A Different Way

Haven't Been To Canalside? Explore The Waterfront In A Different WayIt’s the renaissance! Buffalo’s changing in some many great ways – downtown is flourishing, tourism is on the rise and it’s been a revival to the city and its citizens. Canalside in particular has a whole new look, and has become a large part in the revitalization of our amazing city. The waterfront is where many new attractions are popping up where before there was nothing, and no one benefits from this type of change more than you! Yes, you.

The specific changes to Canalside means that you get to experience new things you didn’t know existed and explore the historical parts in new light.

What’s Popping At Canalside?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the newest premier waterfront destinations for entertainment, then here’s an education of just a few of the attractions available.

Riverworks – Four bars, restaurant, two outdoor ice rinks, 5,000 person entertainment venue and more. Something cool is always happening here.

Erie Canal Harbor – This is not only a historical part of Buffalo, but now has a new look. Stare out at beautiful view of the water overlooking Lake Erie or participate in many of the new and activities scheduled throughout the year.

Templeton Landing – Community favorite, with the largest waterfront patio, delicious food and bar to compliment its view offerings. Templeton Landing has a casual environment with a hometown feel.

Worried you can’t visit all these super places all in one night? Want to bring your friends but don’t have a vehicle big enough or afraid you won’t find parking?

Well there’s a solution to those problems. Buffalo Pedal Tours! We offer a Canalside Waterfront Tour that starts at Riverworks and ends at Templeton Landing. All the fun is the travel inbetween. With two new pedal busses you can bring your friends, local or out-of-towners, and let them share in the adventure.

Book your tour today or for more information, contact us today!

Have A Team Building Adventure On The Pedal Tour Bus

When you are a new member of a company or business you want to find a way to fit in on the team. As an HR manger or CEO, you are looking for new and interesting ways to build up your team of employees, enhancing social relations, so that they are cohesive and know how to work with one another effectively.

There are various team building techniques and exercises that can be used, but why do you always have to follow the trend? Perhaps you want to find a new activity that will help with meeting goals, achieving results, accomplishing simple and complex tasks, and is entertaining all at the same time?

Explore Buffalo With Your Team!

Buffalo has many things to offer to offer your company, more than just where it’s located.

Gather your employees for a night out with Buffalo Pedal Tours and get to know each other outside of the 9-5 grind. Plan a Canalside Waterfront Tour or a Social Mixer in order to find out what they like to do when they are at their desk or work station.

Unwind while still learning to appreciate each others help, working and pedaling as a team to each destination. Find out each others taste in music, create a playlist from employee suggestions and play it while on the tour.

Create a tour goal, to learn at least two new things about each member of your team and at the end of the tour, see what interesting and engaging conversation can become of it.

All this can be done with Buffalo Pedal Tours. Book your team building adventure today and what what happens to production the following week when happy employees have learned to work together!

Special Anniversary Dinner, Tour Buffalo Restaurants On The Pedal Bus!

Special Anniversary Dinner, Tour Buffalo Restaurants On The Pedal Bus!Are you and your brothers and sisters looking for a cool, fun way to celebrate your parent’s 50th Anniversary?

Your parents, your mom and dad, the people who gave you life are celebrating a milestone in their life together as a couple. As children of those two loving parents how do you celebrate this exciting event? Do you rent a hall or a pavilion in the park? Pay for a caterer and pop a tent in the backyard, rent tables and chairs? Or, do you try something new, something unique and something that everyone will enjoy including you?

The answer is the latter but how?

A progressive dinner and a unique tour of Buffalo, that’s how! Buffalo Pedal Tours provides a four hour gourmet experience at local Buffalo hotspots such as Oshun, Bourbon & Butter, with a finish at the famous Chocolate Bar. Not only will the food be delicious, but the transportation in-between each restaurant is one that will have everyone talking about this special event you have arranged.Special Anniversary Dinner, Tour Buffalo Restaurants On The Pedal Bus!

The pedal bus is equipped with twelve seats, each with their own set of pedals allowing man power to fuel your ride. Seating fourteen, as if you were at the family dinner table enjoy drinks and conversation with your family and friends, who help you celebrate two of the most important people in your life in a way no one will forget.

Celebrate your parents upcoming 50th Anniversary touring all the great places the Queen City has to offer with Buffalo Pedal Tours and schedule your progressive dinner tour today!

See Buffalo Architecture In A Different Way!

See Buffalo Architecture In A Different Way!There’s a famous saying that many people use, “Stop and smell the roses…”. Contextually it means in our busy day to day life – stop, look and enjoy your environment. This is also true with the rich history and beautiful landscape that is around the citizens of Buffalo.

There is so much to see and do in our great city that sometimes you have to stop, look around, take it all in and really learn more about what has been done to create such an amazing legacy.

You might even consider yourself a historian of Buffalo and it’s facts, but there’s always new ways to discover what Buffalo has to offer. Or if you have visiting family and friends, and want to introduce them to what makes the Nickel City famous, there’s new and exciting ways to do so that both you and your guests can enjoy.

Buffalo Pedal Tours Architecture Tour

When you book an architecture tour with Buffalo Pedal Tours, you can travel around Buffalo in style, see what the city is made of and learn fascinating new facts about the city you live in. Historical landmarks like Buffalo City Hall, the Electric Tower, Ellicott Square Building and Guaranty Building are just a few iconic buildings with amazing history and architecture that have helped put Buffalo on the map.

Stop and smell the roses, and while you’re checking out the architecture with all your friends, make it fun and unique with Buffalo Pedal Tours. For more information or to book a tour, contact us today!

Looking To Have A Unique Pedal Tour Adventure For Your Bachelorette Party?

Future brides to be and their maids of honor are always planning and looking for new, unique and fun ideas for the upcoming bachelorette party. Brides want to celebrate a night of entertainment with friends and family, and the maid of honor wants to help facilitate that process, while producing a night to remember for all who are involved.

This bachelorette party planning task can be accomplished with relative ease by deciding who will be involved (Mothers and future Mother In-Laws can have fun too!), where to start, what fun games you want to play, and how to safely travel around the city without having to worry about who’s going to drive and how your going to get everyone to the different drinking establishments in one piece. Looking To Have A Unique Pedal Tour Adventure For Your Bachelorette Party?

If you want a night of excitement and partying in Buffalo, there’s one part of the bachelorette party you don’t have to worry about. That’s exploring the the city in style and booking a tour with Buffalo Pedal Tours for your bachelorette party!

Buffalo Pedal Tours can cater your special occasion while you stop at your favorite places around Buffalo and try new ones as well! Create a bachelorette playlist and we will play the party music right on the pedal tour crawler. Find a place to stop for food or bring your own.

Take tons of pictures to immortalize your night – selfies galore! Pick your bachelorette party day on our schedule now, and help the bride to be make it a night she’ll never forget, pedaling around the city and cruising around on a unique adventure.

Ideas For Your Private Buffalo Pedal Tour Pub Crawl

Have you seen the Buffalo Pedal Tour bus riding around town and wanted to take an awesome ride with 13 of your friends? Not sure where you can go on your tour, so you’ve been hesitant to book a night on the town?

Well here are some ideas to get your gears turning on where to go on when you book a private pub crawl in the city. Depending on how you’d like to spend your night – trying out some of the local restaurants and having specialty drinks – you can maximize your time by planning your route ahead of time, in order to get the most out of a unique and scenic adventure of the city.

Popular Private Pub Crawl Stops In Buffalo Ideas For Your Private Buffalo Pedal Tour Pub Crawl

Identifying where your ideal stops are located is essential. Since most tours start from the Big Ditch Brewery area, that’s where you should begin your tour mapping and figure out how much time you’d like to spend at each destination.

Here are just a few of the favorite stops we have seen as we have done tours around downtown:

Pan-American Grill & Brewery: The Pan-American is a great first stop on your tour. Drinks are always flowing and the atmosphere is conducive to the start of a good time.

67 West: Take your tour down Chippewa and cruise to 67 West. This bar has a chill feel to it and you can have a party with your group while inside, listening to some music or watching one of the sports games.

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery: The fun is overwhelming at Pearl Street. Not only can you try a variety of their delicious craft brews, but there’s also something going on inside. Whether it’s trivia nights, patio parties, pool, darts, and tasty food, you can’t go wrong making this the anchor of your tour and a place to spend a lot of time at.

At Buffalo Pedal Tours, we want you to reserve your own tour and take the special party all across this great town. And with Buffalo Pedal Tour’s private pub crawl, it is so easy to check out the exciting bars all in one day. Bring your friends, family, and then map and book your tour today!

See Buffalo Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

See Buffalo Like You've Never Seen It BeforeLiving in Buffalo, you know the sights, attractions and smells (Cheerios!). You know where to go when you’re hungry, what sport season we are in, and where to go for a nice time. If you’ve lived here long enough, you’ve probably just about seen everything Buffalo has to offer, but that is what keeps you here in the city.

It’s the good neighbors, the delicious food, unpredictable weather, and renaissance type atmosphere that keeps the citizens of Buffalo in intrigue. Those reasons alone Buffalonians accept new, creative ventures and are always looking to find fun in different ways.

One new and exciting way to see Buffalo is on the Buffalo Pedal Tour bus. You can grab a dozen of your cool friends, cruising around the town in style, and since it’s not something you see everyday, you can feel that bit of Buffalo pride as other Buffalonians give you the stare.

You know that stare… It’s a look of awe and wonderment, as to how they can do ride on the tour and enjoy themselves.

Remember that booking a tour is easy and just like riding a bike! Get out, try something new, bring your family or friends and get to see the Queen City in a different way, maybe even make a few friends jealous until they can go on the next tour.

Whether you want to do an exploratory historical architectural tour, the exciting brewery tour, or you would like more information on any tour, call Buffalo Pedal Tours at 716-984-3834, or reserve your date online today!

Confessions of a Buffalo Pub Crawl Driver 3

Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 3Buffalo was alive this weekend. There was a great amount of people in town for weddings, the Buffalo Marathon and those great out-of-towners making day trips to Buffalo. With all the excitement, it really made for a super cool weekend downtown.

Most people that live in Buffalo are familiar with our operation by now, so for all these tourists, it was a big deal to see the “Pub Crawler” out and they were full of questions.

I received questions like, “What is this?” and even had wedding parties taking photos on board.

The Big Ditch Brewery Experience

With Big Ditch Brewery now open, it adds another dimension to our tours with guests meeting up there ahead of time having a frosty beverage or two, then stepping outside onto the pub crawler. All of our guests raved about the brewery and the vast majority of groups stopped back in after their tours.

Pub Crawler Showed Off The Red, White & BlueConfessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 3

The patriotism displayed by Pub Crawler riders ranging from flags to shirts, and jewelry, gave the Pub Crawler an awesome look this weekend. I wish this type of patriotism was shown every day, I can’t wait until the 4th of July now!

One of our guests had a GoPro and he set it up front to tape his tour, the footage was amazing. I wish I could share it, but it was a private time with friends and I am sure they wouldn’t want the video making the rounds on social media.

Recommendation for future Buffalo Pedal Tour guests: If someone in your group has a GoPro Camera make sure they bring it!

If you’d like to see a side of the Queen City like you’ve never seen before or visit the special places in glorious style, schedule your tour here today!

Just a friendly reminder as well, we love Buffalo and WNY so much, be on the lookout for our new pedal tour bus at Rochester Pedal Tours. We want you to expect the same type of expert service and fun from the Rochester Pedal Tours as you’ve seen in Buffalo, just in another great, well established city in New York!

Until next time,

Philip Szal