Get Answers To Regularly Asked Questions

Where do we park? 

Our tours start and end at the beautiful Erie Basin Marina. Park in front of the Juicery sign. Parking here is free, well lit and paved.

How do we tip the crew?

We expect our staff to impress you from the moment you talk to us to set up your tour. The crew graciously accepts cash or you can use the Cash App or Venmo App. The trip organizer traditionally collects the money for all the guests.

Do the boats have toilets?

Yes, the Saloon Boat boat has a flush toilet and sink. 

Can we bring our own drinks and snacks on the boat?

Yes, bring your own canned drinks and food. Each adult can bring up to three 12 ounce canned beverages, such as spiked seltzer, prepackaged mixed drinks or beer.  No home made drinks. No glass. Marina regulations prohibit you from drinking until the boat leaves the dock. All drinks are finished before you get off the boat. 

How long is the cruise?

The cruise lasts about 100 minutes.

What is the refund policy?

Tours are only cancelled due to the captain’s assessment of weather conditions at the site of the boat at trip time.

  • Tours go out even if it rains, but don’t worry the large awning will keep you dry. 
  •  More than 30 days away you can reschedule, receive store credit or refund.
  •  From 29 to 15 days you can reschedule, no refund.
  •  14 days from the trip date no refunds or rescheduling.
  • Addition spots purchased are not refundable.

How do we make a reservation?

You reserve your trip at our website. Click on the “Book Party Boat” “Book Saloon Boat” buttons. If your trip is booked over 30 days before you can hold that special date and time with a 50% deposit. The balance is due 30 days before your trip. We take the balance from the credit card on file.

Can we bring children?

Yes, but they must be at least 44 inches tall. We need to confirm we have the life jackets to fit all the kids first. Call us before you book.

Can we bring dogs???

Well behaved family pets with proof of vaccination can attend private trips. Call us before you book.

What time should we be there?

All guests should be ready to board and standing at the boat sign twenty minutes before your start time. This means your group should have used the restroom before you get to the boat. Come with your signed e-waiver and government issues ID. All passengers must be there 20 minutes before departure.

What type of trips do you do?

We do tons of bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays and corporate functions. Plus theme tours such as, disco cruises, mimosa cruises, concerts and more. 

Do the boat have motors?

Yes, we are pedal free.

What is the minimum number of people needed to take a Saloon Boat Cruise?

The minimum number of spots one group can book is 10. Due to the size the boat we need at least 20 spots booked. If the minimum is not met we will move you at a different time slot.

Can a boat trip be cancelled because of the weather?

Yes, just like on airplanes or baseball games.  That decision would be made by the captain at the time and the site of the boat.  Boat trips cancelled due to dangerous weather or mechanical issues may be substituted with a bike trip!

How should we dress?

Due to safety concerns we recommend flat footwear and weather appropriate clothes. 

Can we smoke or vape on the boat?

No, United States Coast Guard regulations do not permit any flames.

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