How long is the tour?

A trip lasts two hours. 

How many people does the boat fit?

We can take up to 18 passengers. 

What types of  trips do you do?

Most trips take groups of friends, families or co-workers out to sip beverages and nimble on snacks while enjoying the scenery of the Buffalo River. We may be able to include a stop at Templeton Landing if dock space is available.

Can kids come?  Yes! Do you have group of scouts ready to experience something different this summer? This will be something they will line up to sign up for. Kids have enjoyed our history tours and fishing trips. It’s a fact there are some real good fishing spots on the Buffalo River. Our captains are expert fishermen too.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, but you can make the trip super easy and less stressful by pre-ordering a food and beverage package from Riverworks. The food and drinks are attractively priced and will be ready to take on board. Click here to order food. Just want a pizza? Dial 716-342-2292, then press 0. When you order this way you order will be waiting for you at the bar.

Do we really pedal?

Yes, we have 12 pedal stations which makes it pretty easy to do.

Doesn’t the boat have a motor?

Yes, the 60 HP is available for emergency situations and to move it to the dock. Our motor is twice as powerful of any other boat of it’s kind.  Power equals safety, it helps a boat get out of a tricky situation.

Can a boat trip be cancelled because of the weather?

Yes,  If the captain feels the weather would be dangerous he/she will cancel at any time. This will rarely happen from Riverworks since the area is protected.

We DO NOT issue refunds if weather requires that to reschedule your trip. Your payment can be used for another boat trip or a bike trip. We will issue a Rain Check that is good for two years from the date of your trip.

Where do the trips start and end? 

 The boat starts and ends trips at Buffalo River Works, 359 Ganson Street, Buffalo NY 14203.  Our space on the dock is passed the red kayaks at the far right, closer to Ohio Street.

Can I drink alcohol on the cycle boat?

Yes, bring drinks from River Works and your own. On the boat, you may bring Two 12 ounce cans of beer or two 6 oz plastic bottles of wine, No glass. No hard liquor.

How should we dress?

Due to safety concerns you should always wear flat footwear. This is a real bike and should wear pants and a loose shirt. Wearing a dress on a bike is not recommend.

Is there a weight limit for the bike seat?

Yes, If you can not pedal a bike on the road do not expect to pedal the bike on our boat. The seat will break and you can get hurt. A person over 250 pounds should sit on the front bench for their safety.

Where do we park?

At RiverWorks, 359 Ganson Street, Buffalo NY 14203. Park near the lane leading to the kayak stand. Parking is usually free, but you may be required to pay during special events. 

Can we smoke on the boat? 

No, United States Coast Guard regulations do not permit smoking.

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