Decorating The Bike

Whether your tour is a birthday, bachelorette or corporate outing, decorating the bike will make your pedal tour more enjoyable. Not only does it make your photos better but when the cars and people in the streets see you are celebrating an occasion they react with happy birthdays and honks. Groups decorate on varying levels, some groups print special shirts and coozies, others go all out decorating the bike. The only bad decorating is not decorating because it only takes a few minutes and the decorations are super cheap so don’t sell your group short.

What To Do- Make a sign for the back of the bike, have the artist in the group make a sign on cardboard like the type you would for a school project back in the day. Now remember it can’t be wider then a doorway so that it doesn’t block our turn signals. Also put holes in the corners and bring string or zip ties to fasten the sign to the back of the bike. Things like beep for the birthday boy or girl, you beep we drink or anything witty like that makes for a great sign that the cars will react to. If you are bringing balloon’s keep it to no more then 6. We hang them from the back of the bike and we cannot have the drivers sight line blocked. Make sure the balloons have strings attached, with tape or they will blow off. When bringing streamers only bring one color, some groups buy 3 colors and the cluster of colors does not always work well. Get the group to buy into a theme, whether it be tropical, 80s workout gear or everyone wearing different sports jerseys. A themed party will make for a fun tour!

What not to do- Do not try to hang things across the bike by people’s faces or knees. Do not bring packaging or clear tape, you can only use painters or masking tape on the bike! Packaging tape will take the finish off the bike and is not allowed for decorating. When removing your decorations at the end of the tour, remember to peel the tape off the bike.

Since decorating goes hand in hand with birthdays here would be a good time to talk about birthday cakes. Cookies, brownies, & cupcakes are much easier to serve instead of cake. You won’t have to deal with serving utensils & knives.