Strengthen bonds to create a better work environment in your Buffalo NY Business.

Buffalo’s most success companies call us to provide a fun time for the employees or customers. Our most successful banks, medical practices, law firms and other businesses use us for land and water tours.  If you have a group you enjoy spending time with or even looking to bring together, and are looking for the perfect Buffalo, NY team building idea, consider rewarding them with a Buffalo Pedal Tours land or water tour. Our tours have proven to there ability enhance camaraderie and fun.

Looking For A Team Building Idea?
Book A Progressive Dinner Tour!

A two hour tour to bars may not be the way you want to take your guests out. If that is the case think about pedaling to two restaurant. The same experience on the bike with two longer stops to dine and drink. We do these tour on Monday-Wednesday when the stops are a bit less busy and meals are easier to enjoy. These trips take a little more planning. Call us for more information, we are ready to help you.

Fun Team Building Activities For Sales Teams Buffalo NY Our cycle and pedal boats are conducive to a riveting conversation as well as sightseeing. Pedaling is an enjoyable pastime and eco-friendly too! Call us at 716-984-3834 to schedule a special Buffalo Pedal Tour for your group today.