The History of the Pink Staircase

Architecture and Style. Details matter. What stated as an idea floating your head can come to life. 

So here it is. The PINK Stair case. This is the color has become the color of downtown Buffalo. Our tours have taken hundreds of groups in to sip drinks at the Misuta Chows bar on Main Street in Buffalo New York. In my opinion is the most unique place downtown. Although the main room is on target with it’s intent of feeling like being in Toyoko alley bar, with the fax windows and awnings. Nobody cares about that…the groups want their pics in the fire exit, aka pink glitter soaked stair case. Taking pictures there is pretty easy. It’s bright and perfectly set up for a group picture for groups up to 15. Chow branding is always accomplished since the Chow logo is perched at the top of the first set of steps.

So was the pinkcase invented here? The first mention of the pink staircase was of one in  London England at Franks Cafe, which was up in 2016, before the Buffalo staircase.

Enjoy the Misuto Chow staircase it will make you almost famous.