Top 10 Pandora Stations To Play When Riding On The Pedal Tour

Top 10 Songs To Play When Riding On The Pedal Tour



On a pedal tour, our groups listen to music as they cruise around the city. Your group gets to select the music to make your experience unique. You set the music for the occasion. All of our bikes have great speaker systems which can hook up to your cell phone using Bluetooth.  Pandora & Spotify are our most popular sources for music.

Here are our top 10 stations to play when on your pedal tour:

  1. Motley Crew gets everyone jamming
  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – idk what to add they are just awesome
  1. Bike Riding Pandora- someone has to try and be funny
  1. Ja Rule watch as everyone sings along to all the classics
  1. Easton Corbin plays the best all around country
  1. Lady Gaga gets all the girls dancing
  1. Jimmy Buffet -parrot heads love it!
  1. Hip Hop BBQ – yes the BBQ part is needed, this is my personal favorite. Never hear the same song twice
  1. Macklemore – And We Danced is such an underrated song
  1. Pit-bull the song Fireball will be burned into your head

So when you are debating with your friends over what to play remember these tried and tested stations.